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Juliette Cavendish 


Juliette Cavendish is a British born photographer living in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. She has won numerous awards for her event and portraiture photography around the world. Her most recent award is second prize in the 2022 International Photography Awards in New York.

Juliette has worked with Australia's leading circus performers, international music artists and has created numerous bespoke photography projects.

She has been included in several photography books to date.

For interviews please contact Juliette Cavendish
0407 883 883

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 6.09.12 am.png

...'Wow, I love it! Awesome shot! Thanks so much, really appreciate it' Bradley Brothers Sydney

'Our event hired Juliette to capture our annual awards. Wow. We thought we would get basic shots of key moments. Instead - she created vivid and stunning memories of moments we never would have remembered ourselves.' BJC International.

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