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Juliette Cavendish Kindness Campaign

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Juliette Cavendish believes that kindness goes a long way in this world and that reaching out to people can make all the difference to their lives. By offering a kind act, such as through professional photographic services and giving your time free to people, you are helping people feel better about themselves and about their lives.

You are often restoring their faith in humanity.​

We forget sometimes that the world doesn't just run on 'money currency'. There are other currencies that are just as important.

Kindness is a currency.

We should never forget to be kind. Sometimes a small act of kindness can change a person's life.

Juliette donates her photographic services to deserving community and other events. Events that are often historically forgotten because nobody took any pictures, or because a professional photographer wasn't in the budget.... or simply because she offers to take pics for an amazing national or international organisation. 'There are occasions where I feel a large organisation or popular individual has done their dues many times over and deserves an act of kindness'.

In 2011 Juliette went on a 'journey of discovery'. It was an inner need to see what else was 'out there' and to push herself emotionally, physically and spiritually. 'I wanted to become the best version of me so that I could share the wisdom that I gained along the way to others. That meant taking risks and getting well out of my comfort zone.'

'In order to take great shots, I realised I needed to throw myself into the middle of the action. I stood in the middle of cyclones, captured a dust tornado and stood on the top of mountains, captured the salt plains in fifty degree heat near Coober Pedy and dangled off towers. I trekked through the desert on the back of a camel and sat in the quiet near billabongs. For me, photography became an adventure. I felt more alive than I ever had before. This is when I decided that being in the midst of the action is where I needed to be.'

I wanted to capture real life as it is. This is when I decided to specialise in event photography.

Juliette has now travelled over the past nine years by road from Sydney to Perth and up through The Kimberley... down through the red centre and across and up through outback Queensland. She has donated thousands of pictures for people over the years and believes that this is her gift to give to the world - just to be there at a special time and record that moment for people.

When I go to large events to photograph acclaimed individuals, bands and performers from right across the world, I try to capture 'in between' the big moments and see the more humble and private side of the performers I try to capture the scene with genuine authenticity.

I call it Event Portraiture.

'I've met the most amazing people... it is a privilege.'

I truly find meeting people and getting to know them to be one of the most exciting and interesting activities on this planet... I've met some of the most admirable souls around - people who are so inherently humble it takes your breath away. The most beautiful souls leave you feeling humble and reflective about your own values'.

If you think that you have an interesting event that needs a professional photographer to attend, please make contact through the web site and provide an outline of your event and perhaps a link to your web site if you have one.

Juliette will contact you if your event is chosen, attend your event and then give you several professional photographs free of charge and with no restrictions on use afterwards.

'Life is more than simply the exchange of money... sometimes it's just a small, kind gesture that is exchanged between me and the world

...and that is fine by me.'

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